If you had planned an aperitif dinner and your supermarket of choice is Carrefour, be very careful! There is a risk that some of the products you have purchased may be subject to a brand recall…

Presence of salmonella, listeria, or packaging error: many are the causes of these recalls. It is important to detect these products in your kitchen or pantry, and to eliminate them without delay: the consequences if ingested could be very serious.

Labeling errors, as insignificant as they seem, can be among the deadliest reasons for recalls. Indeed, allergy sufferers are highly dependent on the ingredient and allergen lists on the back of packaging, and must blindly trust them. In the event of incorrect indication, an anaphylactic shock could lead to the death of the individual concerned.

These products, sold by Carrefour throughout France, can be returned to their point of sale. After checking the product references, your subsidiary will issue a refund to compensate you.

However, additional precautions should be taken if you have ingested a recalled product. It is then necessary to listen to your body, in order to be able to immediately detect the appearance of symptoms. Especially in the case of the presence of listeria in the food consumed, it is important to consult as soon as possible. You must then inform your doctor of the ingestion of this risky product.

Planet has therefore listed below all the products subject to recalls from Carrefour these days.