The author Salcia Landmann has collected in the course of your life tons of Jewish jokes. One of them goes like this: The Rabbi is invited to Chanukah when Baron Rothschild. Out in the depths of Winter. To impress him, the banker fresh cherries to serve. The scholar eat it without comment. “But, Rabbi,” says Rothschild, “you of these cherries, nothing?” “But why?” back asks the Rabbi, “such I have had to Shavuot.”

Jörg Albrecht

Responsible for the departments “science” of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

The year-to-outsmart-times has always been an expensive pleasure. A Rothschild could afford the luxury, of course. Also in the court of Louis XIV, it was a great effort. Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie, Director of the Royal fruit and vegetable gardens, experimented with glass bells and horse manure and managed in January strawberries to deliver in April, the first peas and in December, the first asparagus.

Vile constructions made of Aluminium and polycarbonate

Today the is no longer. Raspberries, flown in from South America, just in time for the end of the year in the delicatessen counters. The sustainability-conscious customer better a bow on it, but somebody must buy the stuff, otherwise it would be in the offer. And somehow the longing for the pleasures of the summer is also understandable if one is looking out of the window and no more than a few measly rose hips on the bare bushes.

I was already fascinated as a child by nurseries, which in a pleasantly temperature-controlled greenhouses and protected from bad case of inclement weather, all kinds of plants cultivated. Even today, I dream sometimes of a winter garden or, at least, a small greenhouse, where you can, regardless of the Season, a bit before gardening. But, alas, where I’ll take, if it’s Winter, the glazing and insulation? What is one of the best of that offered down the country, are in most cases vile constructions from aluminum and polycarbonate, the appearance when put together are difficult to hazardous waste. Permanent, no one is happy with them is Testament to what a tour of the neighborhood. The a has deleted his part with white oil Paint, and retain therein, the superfluous knick-knacks. The Next time it is overgrown with algae and moss, the Second time that the spakige skeleton is just.