She is one of the leading faces of the small and big screen. At 43, Mélanie Doutey has an already busy career. Revealed to the general public for her roles in The Flower of Evil and in the historical film The Warrior’s Brother, the actress won the hearts of the French by playing Clara Sheller in the eponymous series broadcast in 2005 on France 2. Each episode brought together an average of nearly 6 million viewers. Despite the success of the series, Mélanie Doutey favored her career on the big screen and in the theater, leaving the role to Zoé Félix for the second season broadcast in 2008.

In the cinema, Mélanie Doutey connects the roles. She appears in particular in Ma place au soleil by Eric de Montalier, Ce soir je dors chez toi by Olivier Baroux, Le Bal des actresses by Maïwenn, RTT alongside Kad Merad and in the thriller La French by Cédric Jimenez. On the stage, the actress shared the poster for the play Douce amère with Michel Fau. On television, she co-starred with Grégory Fitoussi and JoeyStarr in the TF1 TV movie La Main du mal by Pierre Aknine and was the headliner of the detective fiction We called her Ruby broadcast on France 2. In November 2016, the actress took part in Frédéric Lopez’s program, Rendez-vous en terre unknown, where she ventured into the Gobi desert in Mongolia with nomadic herders.

Mélanie Doutey and Alexandra Lamy are friends on screen and in town. The two actresses met on the set of the film On va s’aimer by Ivan Calbérac in 2005. They find themselves again on the big screen in Never the first night by Mélissa Drigeard in 2014. “It’s very close to the love, less sexuality”, said Alexandra Lamy on their “love at first sight” at the Gala in 2013 during a cross interview with her friend. “We also like to highlight the other, that she is beautiful, happy, we only want good,” said Mélanie Doutey.

This Thursday, September 22, TF1 is broadcasting Touchée, the first fiction film directed by Alexandra Lamy which tackles a strong theme, that of violence against women. Jean Dujardin’s ex-wife chose to surround herself with trusted people for her first shoot. We find in particular her daughter Chloé Jouannet and her best friend Mélanie Doutey in the casting. “I wanted her to be as happy as possible on this set and I didn’t want to disappoint her. But I was so admiring of her energy, her work, her investment, the listening that ‘she had technicians, actors, of all trades, I think she was a born director”, confided Mélanie Doutey on the first steps of Alexandra Lamy as a director in a video interview granted to Télé Star.