Rising electricity bills, fire outbreaks, environmental concerns or invasion of privacy… There are many reasons, valid or not, that lead some users to refuse the installation of the Linky meter in their homes. But here it is: according to article R341-4 of the Energy Code as well as Decree No. 2010-1022 of August 21, 2010 relating to metering devices on public electricity networks, the installation of the device is mandatory for all in France. You therefore do not have the right, regardless of the means, to impose yourself to prevent its installation… With a few exceptions.

Indeed, the regional court of Tours ordered the removal of devices from 13 people hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves for medical reasons. If the justice did not establish a direct link between the health problems of consumers and the installation of the Linky meter, it nevertheless ruled that there was an increase in the risk for their health “in proportions which remain unknown”. If you are one of the electrosensitive people, then you can request the withdrawal of the smart meter.

In January 2020, the Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition recalled that it was also possible to refuse the Linky meter when it was not located on the public highway. Thus, you can refuse access to the technical teams of Enedis in the name of private property. “Be careful, however, people refusing the installation will not be able to take advantage of the reduced intervention rates offered by the new meter”, reminds suppliers-electricity.com.