There are many reasons why someone loses his apartment. The separation from the Partner, the excerpt from the common domicile, and the futile search for a new place to live can be the cause. Also an eviction action if the rent is not paid, a stroke of fate that throws someone off track, unemployment, alcohol or drug addiction, physical or mental illness and over-Indebtedness come as an explanation for homelessness in question.

Eberhard Black

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the district of Offenbach.

F. A. Z.

If it got this far, asked the local authorities To their duties to prevent the threat of homelessness and those Affected in temporary shelters to accommodate, if there is no other place for them. Malvina Schunk wants to prevent that it comes to that. Since 2016 there is in the Department of seniors and Social services of the city of rödermark is a flat fuse. Since then, Schunk people, which the loss of the apartment threatens advises and helps people who are in this Situation. Around 60 consultations led this year; a total of 19 homeless people from Rödermark accompanied them in the past twelve months.

individual interviews with clients

Schunk visited your clients and lead with them individual discussions shows that you are helping people Fill out the applications for the Acquisition of rent arrears, advice agencies and lawyers and help with finding accommodation. As Schunk started two years ago, lived 24 people in urban shelters. Currently there are only twelve. An emergency shelter for up to eight people were housed, was closed in may 2017. Meanwhile, the Concerned decentralized in the apartments will be housed in the city area. Several people living there together; the kitchen and bathroom you have to share. Also conflict situations to cope with, said Schunk, who occupied a 65-per-cent. 50 percent are provided for the work with homeless people; with a further 15 per cent, it is instructed as an external woman in the city.

to be helped people need, highlighted by the First city Council Jörg Rotter (CDU). He spoke of the “röder märker way”. Social advice is a matter for the circle, made mayor Roland Kern (Other-list/The Greens); “homelessness hits but in the case of the municipalities”. If fewer people were dependent on emergency shelters, save the municipality money. Core pointed out that the Rödermark competent district court Long to inform the municipal Department for seniors and Social service, once there is an eviction was taking action.

apartment fuse concept

The sooner you learn of such a case, the higher the probability of homelessness to avoid, is to be read in apartment security concept of the city of rödermark, Schunk is now presented. The tenant and the landlord wanted to put the early knowledge that there was contact at the city for arrears of rent and rental offers matters discussed. Of real estate companies and private individuals, the city of homes, which are shelters available to rent. When feeding is completed with the client first of all, a terms of service agreement. After a one – to two-year probation phase, and this is converted into a regular lease. To mediate but only to people who are also “living,” said Schunk.