Jon Bilbao and the epic of the far West


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Jon Bilbao (Ribadesella, Asturias, spain, 1972) is a writer doomed about all to the story. A novelist, he also began his narrative works with The brother of the flies, but then opted for the story As a story of terror, which was followed Under the influence of the comet, with the won the Tigre Juan award . With Parents, children, and primates, his second novel, Bilbao managed to describe a disturbing story with great skill, where a professor and his student, in a meeting in a strange land, they end up vapuleándose by a mobile phone with the battery about to die.

Now, Bilbao has just released Basilisk, a peculiar book of stories, goes to the ninth, where we attended a combination of narrative elements, that is to say, it would be a succession of stories which includes a confession autobiographical and that, incidentally, can be taken together as a novel. Bilbao has achieved with this book that may be by now their best narrative, exploring paths, which in previous books had been outlined just.

personal Mythology

The book two-faced as Janus and augurs tension because the side stories end up getting together and even though they are very distant, the very fact that end up converging assures a concern that the author takes you to new heights very thoughtful and the result is spectacular. Bilbao is one of the few Spanish authors that he has understood fully is that of postmodernism, or at least, of what is meant by such in the anglo-saxon countries, whose literature is a debtor.

The stories that he tells us in Basilisk could be signed, both by their vocation as well as by the mode of presenting them, that is to say, stories that end up unfolding in a circular structure, where it is joined by a mythology with a very personal and obsessive, for authors of the likes of Quentin Tarantino .

“Basilisk” is the story of the West such as we have read about in countless novels and in infinite films, a history of the West is happening at the end of the Civil War in nearby States to California where campaban by his respects to the red boots, outlaws of all kinds, and red skins in a permanent state of war. The protagonist is a writer, with traits very similar to the author, what anything means in principle, that presents us with his catalog of existential doubts and art and leads a life somewhat unsatisfied with Katharina, who already appears in other books of Bilbao. And on the other hand we are witnessing the wanderings of John Dunbar, the gunman called a Basilisk, a californian who walks their wanderings through Arizona and Colorado. In the end, the middle-class home in the Basque country in the current times joins the Far West of the NINETEENTH century in a flamboyant narrative where fiction and reality meet .