Coats are out again. While a few days ago, the French were still walking around in light clothing in summer temperatures, the cold has returned to France. Since the beginning of this week, temperatures have indeed dropped drastically in a large part of the departments. It was also necessary to swap flip-flops for hats more quickly than expected, as the summer will end on Thursday, September 22.

Until the end of the week, temperatures should generally remain the same and we should not see a return of heat. However, from this weekend “we should have fairly intense heavy Mediterranean rains in the South-East. The entire Mediterranean arc, from Perpignan via Montpellier, Marseille and Toulon, should be affected by these heavy rainfalls.” , assures Paul Marquis, meteorologist and founder of E-Meteo Service.

Thus, the end of the week should be rainy while temperatures should not increase. On the other hand, change is expected for the beginning of next week. “From Monday 26 or Tuesday 27, the thermometer will drop significantly. We will again have an incursion of fairly cold air from the north, and therefore temperatures which will probably be below seasonal averages”, explains the ‘expert.

It will therefore be in a fairly cool climate, even cold in the mountains that this month of September will end, and that the autumn season will make its entry.

Will this dynamic of rain and freshness be confirmed during the month of October?

After a fairly cool end to September, October should still be mild. “We should have a surplus of around 0.5 to 1 degree in October over a large part of France”, explains Paul Marquis, while specifying that “this can hide disparities and we can have, for 2 to 3 weeks a fairly intense sweetness and then behind a cold snap as is often the case”.

The north of the country could experience some frosts at the end of the month. “Overall, the trend that emerges is that this month should be a little milder than average, but that does not prevent temporary cold snaps,” sums up the meteorologist.

If the temperatures should thus remain fairly mild, what about the weather?

For Paul Marquis, the month of October should be “deficit in terms of precipitation, especially on the western side of the country. The depressions would, in fact, be quite inactive compared to the average”, analyzes the founder of E-Meteo Service .

“This deficit should be around 20% to 30% on the Atlantic Ocean and in Brittany, but also on the regions of northern France. On the other hand, on the Mediterranean coast, the eastern borders and the Alps from the south and the north, we should have one or two Mediterranean episodes.”, specifies the expert.