shop Wirelessly? Since it is the Qi-Standard Smartphones, which is placed on a charging pad, or? Right. But now the short-range Radio Standard NFC, wireless Charging brings in position.

Berlin (dpa/tmn) – using NFC-short-range Radio should be soon, also mobile micro-devices, such as a True Wireless headset or Smartwatches wireless charging the Smartphone battery as an energy donor. To do this, the NFC is now the Standard advanced. A prerequisite for the new kind of the store is that in both devices, a NFC Chip is.

Still, however, there are no devices that support the new Standard. However, in practice, it might look like so that you put the earpiece or Smartwatch to Load easily on the back of a smartphone – just there, where the NFC radio chip is installed. Some Smartphone manufacturers have implemented such a charging facility with a private, proprietary Standard – only devices and accessories of our own production.

The new NFC spec WLC (Wireless Charging Specification) opened in the future, the possibility that devices of different manufacturers to understand and load with a maximum load capacity of a Watt. So it probably remains in Charge of small and smallest devices via NFC. For comparison: Fast chargers Smartphones of today, with 30, 40, 50 or even 60 watts.

NFC is typically used for Pairing devices, or for communication between devices. A popular example of application are mobile payment, or the reading of the electronic identity card with the Smartphone.

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