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The front Italian Mario Balotelli “no longer has spirit” in Brescia, the club of the city where he grew up, said on Thursday its president, who said he was “disappointed” with the lost bet of his signing.

Mario is a special kid and it is clear that you do not already have a spirit with us. Nothing very different from what has always been , ” said Massimo Cellino to Tele Lombardia.

“I love Him, and hoped that the air of your home and the desire to find again the selection will do well.

we are All disappointed “, he added.

Balotelli joined the Brescia, the club of the city where he grew up with his adoptive parents, the summer past, when you had just been relegated to Serie A. But in a club in difficulty sport (twentieth and last in the championship) never llegóa have success, with just five goals in 19 games, numbers poor for a international striker.

Their season was also marked by some misunderstandings with his coaches and, according to media Italian sports, has not been very diligent in regard to the training from which these were resumed on 4 may.

it Would be a mistake to blame Mario. But there is a disappointment, possibly also in your home , ” added Cellino.