Saving seems like an insurmountable obstacle to you? Maybe your goals are too high. In terms of savings, it is good to find your rhythm and to go gradually: the important thing is not so much the amount set aside, but the fact of sticking to paying even a small amount on a regular basis.

If it is often said that you have to save 10, 15 or even 20% of your income, such an amount is not possible for all budgets. Adapt the percentage to your mandatory expenses, your needs, without forgetting to treat yourself from time to time.

To save without thinking about it, there are several tips. One of them, the rounding technique, consists of rounding the amount of all your purchases to the euro above. For example, you will no longer pay 1 euro 50 for your coffee, but 2 euros. On the other hand, the extra fifty cents you “spend” go straight into a piggy bank.

Ditto for a television that you will have bought 199.99 euros: a penny is donated to your savings account. Several neobanks and mobile applications allow you to put this trick in place. Here are some of them, quoted by Le Café de la Bourse: