Some of them Lamkel Zé cared for another show at Kortrijk, belgium. The 23-year-old Cameroonian winger last played in a very party hurried a regular opponent as if it were a cone, and then scored with the ‘less’ left in the fine 2-0. After that goal, he pulled his sweater off and showed him a black t-shirt with the words ‘Lamkel, they’re after the quiet, ” – now a collector’s item among fans.

“I knew I was in there, a yellow card would have been better, but have a receipt, I had one of my neighbours promised to deliver the shirt to prove it, if I could score a goal. He is also the one that I had been given. And it promises, once in debt,” according to Lamkel Zé, who was pleased with his personal performance. “It is clear that issues a thing of the past.”

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