The AfD wants to proceed with legal action against the Review by the Federal protection of the Constitution. “We keep both, this decision is wrong,” said the head of the parliamentary faction, Alexander Gauland, on Tuesday in a joint statement with Co-chair Alice ryegrass. They were both of the opinion that “a certain amount of political pressure”had led to the decision of the authority.

rye said, with the former chief of the constitutional protection, Hans-Georg Maaßen, would not have been such a decision of the authority. “That’s why he had to go.” In September, Statements Maaßens in the”image”newspaper after a discussion of its personnel. As a few weeks later, a speech was public, in the Maaßen, among other things, of the”radical left-wing forces in the SPD,” the language, was interior Minister Horst Seehofer him into temporary retirement.

The Federal protection of the Constitution had announced on Tuesday to take the AfD stronger than previously targeted. He can see but not a sufficient basis for a monitoring of the overall party, with intelligence agents. Statements of individual AfD officials would although first indications of extremist aspirations, declared the protection of the Constitution-in-chief Thomas Haldenwang in Berlin on Tuesday. In the programmatic writings of the party this was not to prove but. In addition, the AfD covers a lot of currents, and the parties entitled to the special protection of the basic law. The domestic secret service, a level of the whole party, therefore, as a so-called test case, and will continue the systematic evaluation of publicly available writings and statements.

The youth organization “Young Alternative” (YES) and the collection movement, “The wings” by Björn Höcke would, however, in the future, as suspected cases, said Haldenwang. This information may be collected also with intelligence means, such as observations and personal files to be created when Federal protection of the Constitution and saved.

In the individual Federal States are observed in parts of the AfD by the state offices for the protection of the Constitution. This is the case for the young Association of Young Alternative (JA) in Baden-Württemberg and Bremen. In lower Saxony, had dissolved their state Association, and after this was become in September, to the observation of the object of constitutional protection.

rye: “The citizens should be scared”

rye erklärtre on Tuesday, with the classification of your party as a test case a “presumption of guilt go hand in hand in front of the this year with the forthcoming elections in three Eastern German States”. “The citizens should be scared.” The protection of the Constitution will need “to deal with an unpleasant political Competitor, miss,” criticized ryegrass.