Kick-off for the 2023 tax return campaign. According to exclusive information from our colleagues at Capital, we will soon have to watch for the arrival of the postman: the paper forms will be sent between April 3 and 27. Opening of the declaration online, deadlines by department… What are the deadlines to remember this year? We take stock in our slideshow below.

As with every tax season, the deadlines for completing your online tax return vary from one department to another. France is thus divided into three zones as follows:

As the official website of the public service reminds you, it is in your best interest to respect the tax return deadlines by department. “If you declare your income late, you will have to pay penalties, an increase in your taxes and possibly interest on late payment”, specifies the government.

Your tax will be increased by 10% if you free yourself from your tax obligations before receiving a formal notice. On the other hand, the increase increases to 20% if you declare your income within 30 days following the formal notice, and to 40% if the declaration has not been made within 30 days.

In addition, you will also be liable for late payment interest. The latter amount to 0.20% of the tax due per month of delay. For a tax return filed one year late, your interest will therefore amount to 2.4%. “These interests apply until the last day of the month of the filing of the tax return”, specifies the public service.