This September 19, 2022, will remain a historic day in the memory of the British. This Monday took place the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who died on September 8 at the age of 96. A sad disappearance for the British royal family which loses one of its oldest sovereigns.

During the day, ceremonies and processions followed one another. First at Westminster Abbey where no less than 2000 guests were present for the occasion. The Queen’s approximately 470 staff also paid their respects outside Buckingham Palace as she passed by in the state procession. Upon arriving near Windsor Castle, the Queen’s two dogs, corgis, were spotted alongside Prince Andrew, the brother of King Charles III. The third son of the former sovereign had decided to take charge of them.

Since the beginning of her reign which would have lasted 70 years, Elizabeth II had taken a liking to this breed of dog. “She fell in love with the animal while playing with a welsh corgi at Viscount Weymout’s,” wrote biographer Bertrand Meyer-Stabley in his book Majesty, the Reign of Elizabeth II.

The appearance of the Queen’s two dogs on the day of her funeral moved the web. “The Queen’s corgis, Muick and Sandy, on the forecourt of Windsor Castle to greet the passage of their mistress who is going to be buried, the dogs have a beautiful soul, they know, they feel, they understand… When the master dies “, wrote a user or even “The corgis of the queen, Muick and Sandy, are seated on the forecourt of Windsor castle to greet the passage of their mistress who is going to be buried”, can we read on Twitter.