The pictures are awesome. Thousands of migrants hondurans are trying to escape poverty and violence in their countries. This Sunday, they resumed their journey to the United States from the town of Ciudad Hidalgo, in the south of Mexico, have found journalists from the Agence France-Presse. The mexican authorities had reached to block, Thursday, October 18, this “caravan” of more than 4 000 people on a bridge crossing, but numerous migrants entering the country illegally by the river between Mexico and Guatemala.

” Nobody’s going to stop us, after all we’ve done, like crossing the river “, has declared to the Agency France-Presse Aaron Juarez, 21 years old, who walked with difficulty because of a foot injury, to the side of his wife and his baby. “We are tired, but very happy, we are united and strong,” said Edwin Geovanni Enamorado, a farmer honduran of the caravan, who is said to have left his country after having been racketté by the criminal gang of the Maras.

A thousand migrants still stranded

The “caravan” is a party a week ago in San Pedro Sula, in northern Honduras, following a call on social networks to be relayed by an ex-member of parliament of honduras. Sunday morning, about a thousand migrants, among them women and children, were still stranded on the bridge border, hoping to be able to legally enter Mexico.

The previous day, mexican authorities have opened the border for women and children who were then driven in a shelter in the city of Tapachula, about 40 kilometers from Ciudad Hidalgo. The american president Donald Trump thanked, Saturday, October 20, the mexican authorities for their efforts to block the caravan. “Mexico does not permit illegal entry on its territory and even less in a violent way,” said Friday night the mexican president, Enrique Peña Nieto, in a video message.

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