Sun, clouds, temperatures… And now, energy! The television channels are seriously considering programming a special bulletin, interdependent on the usual weather forecast, informs La Dépêche. Objective: to reduce household electricity consumption and regulate it.

Proof that this device can work, on April 4, when the network was very mobilized, the RTE (electrical transport network) had sent an alert to its subscribers to help them regulate their energy consumption…

Result: 800 megawatts have been saved, “the equivalent of twice the consumption of the city of Montpellier and almost the power of a nuclear reactor” assured the manager.

This bulletin will be especially useful in times of tension, that is to say, when the electrical network is most in demand. Generally it is the morning time slots, from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the evening between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. that are the most greedy in electricity, according to the Ecowatt site.

Indeed, thanks to this “energy weather”, the French will be made aware of the food problem and will be less inclined to spend, especially during these crucial periods.

If this bulletin has not yet been decided, the Ecowatt site set up by the RTE is however already operational. The latter also allows you to monitor the energy consumption in your region, hour by hour.

It indicates, thanks to a color code, the voltage on the network and the eco-gestures to be practiced in order not to overload it. Because in the event of a power surge, the “rotating load shedding” of access to electricity, envisaged by Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne, indicates Le Monde, risks becoming a reality.