The French are popular in Italy. Since the opening of the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival on August 31, film stars have been causing a stir at this major festival celebrating the international seventh art. After Catherine Deneuve was awarded an Honorary Golden Lion for her entire career, two French actresses shone in front of the photographers the following day.

On September 1, Doria Tillier and Laure Calamy came to present The Origin of Evil directed by Sébastien Marnier on the second day of the festival. Accompanied by the director, actress Laure Calamy (revealed in Ten percent) lit up the red carpet in a long black dress that revealed a dizzying neckline. As for his playing partner, the ex-girlfriend of Nicolas Bedos released the big game in a very split dress which revealed his shoulder.

However, Doria Tillier came close to disaster when she arrived on the red carpet. As she joined the photocall, the wind lifted her dress in its path. Despite the capricious weather, the sublime star was not disturbed by this misadventure and kept smiling in front of the photographers. Then the two actresses displayed their complicity, multiplying the model poses and laughing out loud.

A duo of stars who intend to make an impression in The Origin of Evil, alongside Jacques Weber and Dominique Blanc, also present at the Mostra. The story of this movie? “In a luxurious villa by the sea, a modest young woman finds a strange family: an unknown and very rich father, his whimsical wife, his daughter, an ambitious businesswoman, a rebellious teenager and a disturbing servant. Someone is lying. Between suspicions and lies, mystery sets in and evil spreads…”, reads the synopsis.

Before finding the stars of the film in the cinema, back in pictures on the passage of Doria Tillier and Laure Calamy on the red carpet of the Mostra in Venice.