Tribute to Romy Schneider: who are the men in her life?


A flagship face of the seventh art. During her lifetime, Romy Schneider marked millions of fans through notable films. The unforgettable Sissi, a woman in love in La Piscine until her last film La Passante du Sans-Souci… Her acting has capsized the hearts of many admirers and personalities.

How not to forget the mythical couple that Romy Schneider formed with Alain Delon at the end of the 1950s? From their first meeting at Orly airport in front of the cameras to their stormy debut because of the language barrier, the French actor and the German star would be on the cult poster Christine in 1958. The following year , the couple announces their engagement where they organize the festivities in Morcote in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Lugano.

The star couple then moved to Paris and pursued a successful film career. However, their union is faltering and Alain Delon decides to leave Romy Schneider in 1963. A brutal break that would have destroyed her. “At the end of this unhappy love with Alain, I found myself broken, lost, annihilated” she confided, according to comments written by the author Bernard Pascuito in his book, The last life of Romy Schneider, published on May 11.

After their separation, Romy Schneider found comfort with the German actor and director Harry Meyen. The latter being still in a relationship, he puts an end to his relationship with his wife to live his relationship with the famous actress. They married in July 1966 and welcomed their son David, born in December of the same year. But the parents separated in 1972 and their divorce was pronounced three years later.

The famous actress Romy Schneider returns to happiness again thanks to her companion Daniel Biasini. After her second marriage celebrated in December 1975, their daughter Sarah was born in July 1977. Happy and fulfilled in her career, the Franco-German actress has faced several trials in her life.

In 1979, her ex-husband Harry Meyen killed himself. But, the year 1981 will be a dark period for Romy Schneider. While she was divorcing her daughter’s father, her son David died at the age of 14 trying to climb the gate of Daniel Biasini’s parents’ house. At the end of her life, she dated film producer Laurent Pétin, who would be her last spouse.