Errors on your taxes: it is possible to correct them


Are your taxes too high or too low? It’s not too late to make adjustments. Taxable French people received their tax notice between July 25 and August 5, 2022 and were able to note inconsistencies. If you have made a mistake or omitted information, don’t panic, it is possible to modify many elements online. Since the Essoc law of 2018, taxpayers benefit from a right to error under which late payment interest is reduced by half in the event of spontaneous and good faith regularization. One condition, however: to have made your declaration online. The correction service has been open since August 3 and those until December 14, 2022.

To correct errors, you must have your tax number and identify yourself using your password on the website. In your space, you will have to click on “Access the online correction” to make the changes. At the end of the operation(s), a confirmation email is immediately sent. You will receive a corrected tax notice in the coming weeks.

If you miss the deadline of December 14, it is also possible to make changes but the procedure is longer. You must submit a complaint to the tax authorities via the secure messaging system of your personal account on the website, by completing the form “I report an error in the calculation of my tax”. For income received in 2021 and declared in 2022, the taxpayer has three years to file this amending declaration, i.e. until December 31, 2024.

Finally, to correct your paper declaration, you must inform your tax department either by mail, mentioning only the elements for which you are requesting correction, or by filing a new tax return on paper. Important elements: do not forget to indicate on the first page “Corrective declaration, cancels and replaces” and to re-enter all the elements that you must declare, including the correct elements of the first declaration.