justin thomas range finder
justin thomas range finder

The apparatus, which can be used widely in recreational and amateur drama, let a player or caddie to hone in on a flagstick or another thing in the space to ascertain the specific yardage out of where the ball is located in the instant.

However they’ve been prohibited on the significant professional tours and also at major championships by means of a local rule which allows for them to be banned.

“We are always interested in ways that might aid in improving the flow of play throughout our championships,” stated Jim Richerson, president of the PGA of America. “The usage of distance-measuring apparatus is currently common within the sport and is presently part of the Rules of Golf. Players and caddies have used them through practice rounds to assemble relevant yardages.”

Rule 4.3a permits for its usage of distance-measuring apparatus provided that players don’t access information which isn’t permitted under the rules. Including measuring elevation changes or obtaining a recommended line of drama. Some devices allow pitch readings, which may be turned away.

Many caddies and players online tours take comprehensive yardage books and utilize the apparatus during exercise rounds to test them. There’s disagreement about whether they’ll really improve speed of play at the greatest levels.