Blankenberge / Oostende / Koksijde at the belgian coast –

The coast is expected to approximately 550,000 passengers during the half term holidays. That tells you Westtoer on Friday, after a round of consultations. The hotels on the coast, expect to have an average occupancy of 60 to 70 percent of the time.

The provinciebedrijf for the tourism industry in West-Flanders, belgium, predicts a good autumn break to the coastline. There are about 550.000 tourists expected for the duration of your holiday. Also, the hotels on the coast and have a good outlook. During the summer, it is a line-up of about 70 percent has been predicted. During the week it is expected that the hotel owners is an occupancy of approximately 60 percent of the time.

Around Halloween, several activities are planned for the coastal towns and attracts a lot of people to the coast. There are halloweenstoeten in Koksijde, Nieuwpoort and Blankenberge, belgium.