“no matter What happens, what are the practical issues, also. The traveller should never be a victim,” says Bart Crols, from the SOUTH. He does this in an incident earlier in the week, on the train from Brussels to courtrai (Kortrijk). The French conductor, had no place to keep this material safe and loved there is nothing better for a coach before. The other passengers who had to stand up straight, and have filed a complaint.

Treinconducteurs tend to be seen in a locked room on the train, where they will have their things with them to the train, walking to work, to be able to do it. That is usually a personalized bag in a trolley with the equipment, and a jacket. On the train on Tuesday in Brussels, which is Central to our doing, however, there was no room available. They have all the time to take it, it is not an option. They just are, or are not, because of the risk of theft is too great.

So it was the train conductor, who was clearly not happy with the current situation, there is nothing better than a full carriage, only to demand it. He shut the car off, so he and his stuff safe for him to leave. The passengers who had been required to move to a different spot. But there it was, all the seats are already taken, say, disgruntled passengers, so they had to be able to stand up. Especially in the area between Ghent and Kortrijk, belgium. It had been 16 hours and the afternoon rush hour was beginning.

the Discussions with the train operator, which is 130 seats for itself, but, it was useless. At one point it threatened to be the situation to have to go off the rails, and it had to be a police officer in the burger, which is also on the train, and intervene.

all Apologies

“We can offer you all of the passengers on the train were to extend our most sincere apologies,” said NMBS spokesman Bart Crols in The local Newspaper. “No matter what happens, what are the inconveniences which members of staff are also affected by this incident, and the passenger can never be a victim of it. We have a complete understanding of the fact that such a man, his stuff is nowhere to be lost was able to get in. But it was certainly flawed, and was unheard of to have a full coach, before knowing this, the other passengers are in less comfortable circumstances, had to stay with them.

The RAILWAY has launched an investigation, and the resultant conductor to be invited for an interview. “Because of what happened this week that has happened, it should not repeat it,” says Bart Crols, still.

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