two hundred and fifty ANPR cameras in 22 places that are included in the national network, over the past twelve months, 539.949 time the vehicle is noticed which might be a bit amazed with it. More than half of those “hits” is not, however, follow-up. That tells you The Time on Saturday.

the N-VA Member of parliament, Wouter Raskin asked that the figures in the secretary of the Interior, by Pieter De Crem (CD&V). The minister said that almost half of the matches are going on vehicles that are not covered (52.397 hits), or out of date (214.506 the hits are.

There will be no consequence to it, or so it seems. It is, however, according to De Crem, with the intention that in the long run, the information will be sent to the police department on the territory of which the holder of the license plate resides.