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The Elche CF has confirmed on Wednesday that it has asked the Competition Committee of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) to give by lost the Fuenlabrada the meeting that was supposed to play this past Monday in La Coruna.

The meeting was postponed to give a positive coronavirus several players in the madrid team and will be held on a date without confirm, what influences directly in the interests of the team elche.

The Elche needed to win his match and that the Fuenlabrada not puntuara to the Sport to ensure its presence in the phase of ascent, but not compete for the party and yes the rest of the day the galician team, which was playing in the permanence, is already decreased, so that the club elche understands that it has adulterated the competition.

The club elche’s form and absence of Fuenlabrada, so that in the event that they were served their allegations would retain the sixth position and dispute the phase of ascent to First.

As has been pointed out to Efe sources of the entity, the Elche understands that a negligence by part of the madrid club has been the cause of the outbreak of coronavirus, caused by an error in the protocol of safety and hygiene.

The town of Elche, for the moment, does not include another kind of legal action because you understand that your arguments are of sufficient weight to be given the reason and thrive their allegations.

Fuenlabrada is defended

Jonathan Praena , president of Fuenlabrada, has defended the innocence of his club at the outbreak of the coronavirus that moved to la Coruña on the day of the postponed game against Dépor, and has asked the mayor of the galician city, Agnes King that does not seek the limelight.

The president of Fuenlabrada has offered a press conference on telematics from the hotel to La Coruña where he remains confined to his team with six cases of coronavirus, according to has informed, already have fever and headache. He has given his version of events and explained how they traveled to the galician city.

“As every week after every game we proceed to do the PCR testing on Saturday at 9 in the morning. At 21:00 hours it appears the first case altered, which then ends up confirming that it is positive. We come in contact with it, are isolated and our medical services are open to research to see with whom he had contact”, it has been reported. “On Sunday at 9 we repeated the PCR and it does a quick test to see if any affected the most, all the test give a negative, the team is ready again to train and we waited for the afternoon to give us the results and there are three employees of the club infected that have complied with the protocol, less than 15 minutes to less than 2 metres away. It is decided to isolate them and make a test to all those who have given negative. There were three tests in two days,” he said.

“on Monday, calls on everyone to a fourth test at 8:30 and we traveled to Galicia without knowing the results, we arrived about 18:00 and we confirm that there are six other positive cases,” he added. Since that time, has continued, the Fuenlabrada puts in knowledge of LaLiga the situation and waiting for the decision of the agency meeting with CSD , and F ederación Spanish Football (RFEF) . “In any case, it has been put at risk any person, travelling in a private flight and bus meeting protocol. We provided the information on knowledge of LaLiga and not commit any negligence,” he underlined.

The president, annoyed by the attacks that it has received the Fuenlabrada of various clubs and authorities in the last few hours, he complained that no one cares about those affected: “No one asks for them, but the guys have begun today with symptoms. Have a fever and headaches”. And has responded to the mayor of La Coruña, which announced that it would take legal action against the madrid club. “You should look less to the fore and to think in a big city that has it in his hands as to enter in a topic that is not of their competence. For that there are the health authorities. Focus on that does not have flare-ups due to negligence of their city,” he said.

he has Also denied the president of Fuenlabrada that no one from the expedition has left the hotel. “No, we can cross off of anything without having information as one that is outraged saying that the players have come out to recreational areas near the hotel. It is a lie”, has had an impact. “We have not made normal life, we have only caught the bus from the airport to the hotel and there we stayed in a room reserved and in the rooms. We have not put in risk to hotel staff, we comply with the rules to the letter with a mask always to two meters. With so much outrage that they have more worth that is concerned about whether the 3,000 people that were in the surroundings of Riazor without a mask. We have not been negligent”, it has sentenced.