Noreen Wredberg and Michael Wredberg discovered the diamond in Crater of Diamonds state park

This seems like a great way to spend your vacation.

A couple from California visited Arkansas’ state parks and made an incredible discovery. They arrived hoping to spend time in nature but they came away with a huge diamond.

Noreen Wredberg and Michael Wredberg reside in Granite Bay, Calif. and have spent the past ten years visiting various national parks across the country. According to an Arkansas State Parks news release, the couple visited the Crater of Diamonds State Park.

According to the release Arkansas is the only country that has a public diamond mine. Her husband and she arrived in Arkansas on September 23rd. They also participated in a diamond hunting expedition. Noreen was keen to remain close to the entrance but her husband suggested that they move to a field nearby where it is a little warmer.

Noreen discovered a diamond of 4.38 carat while searching for it.

According to Arkansas State Parks, it is the largest known diamond at the park this year.

Caleb Howell, Park Superintendent, examined the diamond and stated, “When this diamond was first seen under the microscope, it was beautiful! Mrs. Wredberg’s diamond weighs over four carats, and is approximately the size of a jellybean. It has a pear shape with a lemonade color.”

Park Interpreter Waymon Cx says that the area is regularly prepared for visitors to find diamonds.

He explained that he plows the area regularly to loosen soil and encourage natural erosion. Diamonds are a bit heavy for their size, and they don’t have static electricity so dirt won’t stick. It is easy to see a reflective surface when rain covers a larger diamond.