A year that has not been easy. In 2021, Princess Charlene of Monaco suffered a serious ENT infection during her stay in South Africa, her country of origin. From May to November, his fragile health had been at the heart of all concerns. Exiled far from Monaco, she had to be hospitalized in September 2021, as revealed by the Prince’s Palace to the News24 site.

“Her Serene Highness (S.A.S.) Princess Charlene of Monaco was rushed to hospital by ambulance late Wednesday night to Thursday after collapsing due to complications from the serious ear infection , nose and throat contracted in May,” a statement read. It was not until the following November 8 that the wife of Prince Albert II was authorized to return to the Rock. A short-lived return since she was subsequently admitted to a clinic in Switzerland.

In an interview with the People site, her husband finally confided in the subject. “I can’t give you a timeframe on this. Not in the next few days, but certainly whenever we get the medical green light,” he explained and clarified: “She knew the best thing to do for her was to go and rest and have real medically supervised treatment”.

Since his entry into the Monegasque princely family, many rumors have continued to emerge. After her official return to Monaco in April 2022, Charlène had been the victim of a rumor in connection with a secret agreement with her husband Albert II. In the work entitled Highness in distress, the authors Thomas Pernette and Virginie Megglé had evoked this affair. A “pseudo-agreement between Albert and Charlene”, would have emerged.

In it, the sovereign would have authorized “the latter to live in Switzerland on the condition that she be present, alongside her husband, during major events in the principality”. This agreement would have cost the modest sum of “12 million euros per year for Charlène, at the expense of her husband”. Rumors that make the good days of the Monegasque press.