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Sandrine Bonnaire is one of the great actresses of French cinema. However, from a modest family of eleven children, she spent her childhood in Grigny in the Paris region and found herself in the spotlight in 1980. At that time, the young woman began as an extra in La Boum and Les sous-doués on holiday.

After her debut in the figuration, Sandrine Bonnaire was revealed to the general public in 1983 in À nous amours, directed by the filmmaker Maurice Pialat. In this feature film, she plays Suzanne, a teenager who collects love stories. A first role hailed by the press and critics before she was crowned best female hope at the César in 1984.

An incredible memory for the 15-year-old actress at the time, unfortunately marred by an unfortunate incident. As journalist Leila Kaddour explained, in June 2019, in La Bande Originale on France Inter, the actress wore a sublime bracelet loaned by a major jewelry house, like any actress during a big ceremony. However, this precious jewel worth 100,000 francs would have mysteriously vanished from the wrist of the star.

On the advice of her agent, Sandrine Bonnaire had no choice but to repair this blunder before being accused of theft, in particular because of her social origins. “I was actually told that it’s better to repay it. Otherwise it will create a bad image of you and it’s better that you repay it”, confided the actress who went into debt to repair this blunder. . “This first Caesar cost me very dearly,” she quipped in front of the listeners, adding. “At that time I was simply docile […] and then as it was my agent who had asked me to do it […]”, as relayed by Télé Loisirs.

If the 50-year-old assures that she would not pay a penny if it happened again, she also took a radical solution after this incident. “For a very long time, I refused to be lent jewelry.” A wise decision for this Caesarized star who has not only experienced happy moments in her career…

In 2019, Sandrine Bonnaire broke the silence by revealing that she had been the victim of domestic violence. In the midst of the Me Too movement, a march against violence against women was organized by the collective

During a testimony delivered and relayed in the Daily program, Sandrine Bonnaire had returned to the terrible blows of her ex-lover that she endured 20 years ago. “I tried to defend myself. I passed out. I woke up with eight broken teeth. I spat out a lot of pieces of teeth, blood, he was still there, he brought me a towel, which filled with blood. I went to look at myself in the mirror. I had an opening”, she confided to the journalist Sophie Dupont during this rally. Then her ex-companion would have assured her that she had simply passed out. “As he had strangled me and I had passed out, I believed him at the time. Then I went to the doctor and he said to me ‘you have been beaten, someone knocked’. So I filed a complaint”.

If his ex-companion would then only have been given “a two-year suspended sentence with a large financial fine, 35,000 euros for my dental care and 20,000 because I was followed by a psychologist because I was traumatized”, Sandrine Bonnaire had told her story in Le soleil traces me la route: conversations with Tiffy Morgue and Jean-Yves Gaillac, published in 2010, then in Catherine Ceylac’s book entitled A l’amour, à la vie in 2019. After this tragic period, she was able to count on the support of more benevolent individuals towards her during her life.

More recently at the microphone of Sud Radio, the actress confided once again in her attack. “He smashed my jaw, he broke eight teeth and I have all the bones in my face that are broken. I think today that person would have taken a lot more. Two years of reprieve this n It’s nothing,” she said. According to her, today, “that person would have cost a lot more.”

Blows and injuries that still impact him today. ” I continue to live with this pain because it is not repairable inside. I even did x-rays not long ago. The radiologist said to me “Olala but what happened to you, is that recent? No, no, it’s been 20 years. To tell you how totally broken it is inside.

On the heart side, Sandrine Bonnaire would have attended Jean-Yves Escoffier for four years. After this supposed relationship, the actress found love again with American actor William Hunt, when they met on the set of The Plague in 1991. Their union gave birth to their daughter Jeanne in 1994, but the couple separated some time later.

In the 2000s, during the Cabourg Film Festival, actress Sandrine Bonnaire met the eyes of screenwriter Guillaume Laurant, to whom we owe the dialogues of Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. After their marriage in 2003, their daughter Adèle was born the following year. After 12 years of union, the couple finally divorced in 2015.

If the Caesarized actress had sworn never to want to fall in love again with Paris Match, it is finally with the jazz musician Erik Truffaz that she has been swimming in happiness again since 2018. was not well, and that’s precisely why I started to take an interest in him”, she had mentioned to Madame Figaro.

In her book À l’amour, à la vie, Catherine Ceylac collected the confidences of certain celebrities about their intimate life, including those of the actress Sandrine Bonnaire. We learned there that she had had her first sexual experience with an SNCF agent.

“I was fourteen, he was twenty, reveals Sandrine Bonnaire. He was a guy who went door-to-door for the SNCF (…) When he rang our doorbell, my mother, who was someone ‘a very atypical, said to him: ‘Oh but you are a handsome boy, come in, I’m going to introduce you to my girls! He came with us and we quickly hit it off, she said and added on her first time : “It was frankly not terrible and yet I went back. We had a little story of a few days, we must have seen each other four or five times and after that I started filming À nos amours, so I stopped seeing him. This first inconclusive experience nevertheless aroused curiosity in me.