Brussels Airlines will run from the 10th of October and till the end of the month, a total of 105 flights to cancel due to the loss of the travel of the tour operator, Thomas Cook. That has to be a spokesperson for the airline said.

It’s going to be the flights to and from typical tourist destinations as the Greek islands and the Canary Islands, which is 80 percent filled, with leisure travellers-Thomas Cook).

But the decision has also affected some 3,500 passengers of Brussels Airlines in itself, says a spokesperson for Something Andreas. For them, a solution had to be sought in the form of an alternative flight or a refund.

finally, The president notes that the flights to and from some of the countries will be completely stopped (such as the Rhodes, Djerba, Enfidha). In other places, the frequency is reduced.

Yet, according to Brussels Airlines, which represent the cancelled flights, but only 2 per cent of all flights of the company in that period of time.

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