to start A new day, a new draft of the CD&V candidate for president. At this time, it is in the West Flanders, Ghent, Christophe Vermeulen (37), which calls for a tax drietrapsraket” to families in support of: double tax relief for low-income, double-tax credits for child care, and a facility for child care services for low-income families.

“the Families that are struggling, that need a push in the right direction,” said Vermeulen. He wants to be (CD&V), re is the gezinspartij for choice making. In order to achieve this, he wants to use the tax credit for dependent children, up to 900. “In addition, it should also include the contribution of the services are to be doubled up 22,40 euro’s per day, and the tax credit for childcare for the poorest families to raise.”

these measures cost money, be aware of Followed. “Where is the money to come from? Perhaps we should agree to work on a capital gains tax. This is not a popular measure, but we need to get the money somewhere to get it,” he says. This is remarkable, because the N-VA and Open VLD were in the previous government, is not in it. In the alternative, for a effectentaks, it was only with the Council of State, will be destroyed.

for More on capital gains tax the Government will send effectentaks back to Council on the State capital gains tax are “almost taboo” for a, Open Vld, Gwendolyn Rutten (Open VLD): “capital gains tax? With The Block, fear that the wealth of all the citizens