True treasures in your wallet, the two cent coins are nevertheless shunned by the majority of Europe. So much so that the European Commission is reluctant to withdraw them. These would cost a lot to manufacture. In addition, it would also be because 72% of those questioned by a citizen consultation carried out in May 2021, had affirmed that they were “cumbersome and useless”, informs Ouest-France.

In France, a 2018 report entitled: “Rapport du Comité Action Publique 2022” indicated that “the proportion of transactions made in cash is lower in France than in other European countries”.

This is why one of the government rapporteurs at the time had proposed to put an end, in the short term, to “the circulation of 1 and 2 cent coins, as was done in Ireland, Finland and Belgium by example”, reports Ouest-France.

If the two-cent pieces were to experience such a fate, there is no doubt that their value would jump in the years to come… A boon and a misfortune for dealers and numismatists (collectors of coins or medals).

Currently, the value of a two cent coin can be relatively high. It all depends on its year and where it was created. It would therefore be wise to look in your purse, especially when traveling to a European country.

To find out if you have some very interesting coins for sale, Planet has made the slideshow below, which lists the pennies that are priced higher than they indicate, according to Info Collection.

On the other hand, it is not yet necessary to keep the coins from Italy, France, Slovakia, Malta or Portugal… Because they are simply not worth more.