Storms, rains, greyness… This month of May feels like autumn. According to forecasts by La Chaîne Météo, the Ascension weekend will remain mixed, with a “pleasant and spring-like feeling over the northern two-thirds” of the country. In the south, on the other hand, the weather will be rather unstable with stormy showers. “Across France, the temperatures will slowly warm up, although still remaining a little below seasonal averages, except for Sunday afternoon north of the Loire and in the Grand Est where it will even be hot, until ‘at 26°C in Strasbourg”, specifies the site specializing in meteorology.

If the morning of this Friday, May 19, 2023 is very pleasant over the majority of the country, with many clearings, the weather is likely to turn stormy. Météo-France has placed around fifteen departments on yellow storm vigilance between Friday and Saturday. Find out if yours made the list in our slideshow below*.

This weekend, France is cut in two: on Saturday, temperatures will fluctuate between 7 and 13°C in the morning and 15 to 23°C in the afternoon. On Sunday, the temperatures will be higher in the north with 26°C in Alsace, 23°C north of the Loire… “On the other hand, in the south, because of the rains, the maximum will have difficulty reaching 20°C , most often peaking between 16 and 19°C”, explains La Chaîne Météo, which evokes a “France upside down” this Sunday.

*The information provided is based on the Météo-France vigilance bulletin of Friday May 19, 2023 at 6 a.m. and is subject to change.