Traffic jams, fuel prices, environmental awareness… The reasons for using your car less and less have been multiplying for years. In large cities, more and more city dwellers are leaving their car in the garage in favor of other means of transport.

Whether it is the bicycle, the electric scooter or public transport, the alternatives are numerous and very often less expensive. Since 2020, the Covid-19 has also participated in this change in the habits of the French.

Indeed, teleworking is a concept which, until recently, was far from being part of the daily life of many workers. While in 2021, 21.7% of employees used at least one day of teleworking, according to INSEE figures reported by Capital. Among them, 44% have even changed their habits to the point of opting for a 100% teleworking formula.

Thus, if these people use their car less, it remains useful to them in certain cases but it is still parked most of the time. However, if this saves money on fuel, insurance generally keeps the same rate. Faced with this, insurers have developed new concepts in order to attract this type of customer.

They offer special offers for occasional drivers that adapt to the distance traveled in the year. This type of proposal is called insurance per kilometer or even “small rider” insurance.

Flitter, Boursorama, Maif… Both new and more traditional companies have decided to enter this new insurance market per kilometer. The concept varies according to the chosen insurer.

For example, at Flitter, the insured can choose a package ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 kilometers per year. He must then send a photo of his counter before and after directly to the application. If he drives less than the chosen package, the remaining kilometers are transferred to the following year, if he drives more, he must increase his ceiling, reports Capital.

The operation may vary but what are these offers really worth?

If the offers offered by the different insurers have many differences and are not suitable in the same way for all drivers, they remain generally more advantageous than conventional contracts for small drivers. They allow you to save between 10% and 30% depending on the offer chosen.

These insurances are rooted in the times and it is still important to remember that, in most cases, they work with an application. For Boursorama or Maif, it is also necessary to install a box in his vehicle, responsible for monitoring the mileage.