The strikes in the refineries of the TotalEnergies group dating from the start of the school year have left motorists with very bad memories. Since March 7, the CGT-Chemistry has been behind the blocking of these same refineries, as part of the mobilization against the pension reform. No fuel has therefore been produced in these plants since the date in question. For the moment, the effect is not being felt too much at the pumps: at the moment, only 2.2% of gas stations are out of diesel or gasoline.

One of the causes of this situation for the moment very little restrictive for French motorists: the fuel stocks of TotalEnergies which, according to the group, remain well supplied. In addition, the deposits are largely spared by the mobilizations, which focus on the refineries, as reported by our colleagues from Figaro.

As far as prices at the pump are concerned, the social movement nevertheless has a notorious impact. Indeed, prices are experiencing a slight jump following the mobilizations. Thus, the SP98 currently costs 1.99 euros per liter, against 1.86 euros for a liter of diesel on Thursday. A price that remains below the peaks recorded in January 2023. As for the SP98, motorists will nevertheless have to pay 10 cents more per liter than at the start of the year, because the rebates granted by TotalEnergies ended between -time.

Moreover, the situation is very different from that of the strikes of last October: the difficulties of supply or quite simply the lack of fuel is absolutely not felt in a homogeneous way on the scale of the whole territory. Indeed, only certain departments are really affected.

Find below the 5 departments in which you could have trouble filling up.