Filling your tank has rarely been so complicated. Dry stations, endless queues at the pump… The French are having a hard time finding gasoline at the start of October. For many, it is now the same old story: waiting for the best time to go to the service station, having difficulty finding one that is still stocked, waiting tirelessly with all the other motorists… And finally, by chance, manage to fill his tank.

In an attempt to resolve the situation, the Hauts de France prefecture on Wednesday October 5 banned the sale, purchase, distribution and transport of fuel in any container such as jerry cans or cans. A measure that could apply in other regions of France, where abuses are also very numerous. In addition to these restrictions, the prefecture gives common sense advice to motorists: do not make preventive purchases and adopt civic-minded behavior to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

As bad news never comes alone, the rise in prices should follow supply difficulties. As Le Journal du Dimanche explains, gasoline and diesel prices could rise from November, for two reasons: the drop in government fuel rebates and OPEC’s decision to cut production. Gas stations will probably be less crowded, but you will then pay much more for your fuel!

Before worrying about prices, you still need to know where to find gasoline… Will these supply difficulties turn into a shortage? For how much longer will you have to go around gas stations? Industry professionals have drawn up the likely scenario for the next few weeks… Find out below.