E. coli, Salmonella: These two bacteria are now well known to the general public. In fact, in recent months, major cases of food contamination have been revealed, particularly for the Kinder and Buitoni brands.

Indeed, in the same period, tons of chocolates and pizzas were recalled throughout France and several cases of serious contamination had even been identified. Since then, many French people have returned the recalled products or wish to do so, but have still not managed to obtain a refund.

However, it is still important to know that the refund could take the form of a voucher. As the magazine 60 million consumers points out: “there is no text that obliges the manufacturer or the distributor to reimburse the product. Ferrero is therefore free to offer the terms of compensation it wishes.”

To obtain the refund voucher, it is not necessary to go to a supermarket, which is not obliged to take back the product. Whether for Kinder chocolates or Buitoni pizzas, it is first necessary to take a photo of the packaging, on which you can read the expiry date, the bar code and the batch number.

Then send the photo to contact.fr@ferrero.com for Kinder. It is also possible to reach the company by telephone at 0 800 653 653. Be aware that the number is often saturated and that the processing of the request may take some time.

For Buitoni, you must complete this online form by attaching the photo. You can also reach them by phone on 0 800 653 653.

Either way, you’ll need to be patient.