Reduce the premium announced – Zurich insurance shows generous with gastro, no reminders, no enforcements and smaller premiums: The insurance group is responding to the difficult Situation in the many are advised by the pandemic.4 Kommentare4

The insurance group Zurich Insurance Group has announced damage payments as a gesture of goodwill because of the Coronavirus crisis. Group CEO Mario Greco said to the “view” from Monday, the theme affects only the Switzerland.

“in Particular, in the United States are not insured for risks associated with viruses. In Switzerland, more than 90 percent of Zurich’s insured gastro establishments with an epidemic insurance the full pandemic-cover.”, said Greco. The other firms received ex-gratia payments from the Zurich-solidarity Fund, said the insurance Manager.

Also, the premiums that are not received in a timely manner, and wool, the group of his Sunny side up show. “If necessary, we will give our customers more time.”, announced Greco also. “There are discounts and other benefits. In Switzerland, we will grant a deferral of payment, even for tenants of real estate, belonging to the Zurich. In addition, we do not send reminders and dispense with prosecutions,” it was said more.

some good news

The Zurich group chief in addition to all this, cuts in Premiums in view. “For example, in automobile insurance,” he said. The people remained at home and lead to less car. “So there are less accidents and thus less damage,” stressed Greco.

Zurich-the group chief Executive is shown in the current Situation accommodating: Mario Greco at the St. Gallen Symposium. (Archive image) KEYSTONE

There were also fewer deaths, less alcohol and drug excesses, it was said. “The climate benefits from the fact that at the Moment, the pollution goes back. There are fewer cars and fewer planes, many factories are closed. In addition, people generally live healthier, what is in the long term have positive consequences,” said Greco, compared to the “view”.

managing risk

in Total, the Zurich group chief expects claims because of the Coronavirus-crisis until the end of the year of around $ 750 million. This comparatively low amount of the show, how carefully his insurance group to manage your risks, glad the head of the group, drew. “We would, for example, to insure major events such as the Olympic games never, because it would be too risky,” he highlighted.

The largest claims related to business interruptions at the company, because of the loss of income was covered. This cost the group, especially in Europe, a lot of money, said the Manager in this regard. A pandemic but I have always been at the top of the list of the largest expected annual risks for the group, said the 60-year-old Manager.

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