The air travel has goofed in 2018 – to the suffering of the passengers, the cancellations and delays have had to endure. And it is to be feared that it is also 2019 bumps. Flight routes are full, pilots scarce, the reorganization of the security controls is at the very beginning. Not every airline will afford to plan with larger reserves. Cloudy prospects for passengers. And to be even bleaker, because there is no well-functioning consumer protection in the aviation industry.

fly at the latest to the ordeal when it comes to delays to compensation. Then it will get passengers with tricks to do companies and professional airline passenger compensation of the promise for the alleviation of the suffering of the traveler, the blue from the sky, and at the same time of life that many planes are late. Air travel in Europe is a growth market. But when it comes to customer rights, makes you a messed-up System. The harm to airlines to help without many passengers. How else to explain that by 2018, companies are buckling under the burden of loans and advances to customers and the operation ceased, while travelers flock of lawyers had to engage in order to get the views of a statutory compensation?

It is to the business model, to wait on delays

The target was once laudable: airlines should not be allowed to go free, if you provided once again poor or no services. But a System with a colossal design error: A traveller can demand more money than he has paid for. From a 19 Euro cheap ticket, a claim for compensation of 250 euros. This will make it to the business model, to wait on delays.

For easy retail the catch is that the legal situation is by no means as clear-cut as he suggests. For delays in own area of responsibility, a flight do not need to pay the company, in the case of exceptional circumstances. Not surprisingly, that company influences diagnose of force majeure, as often as appears to them to be suitable. When a passenger money is allowed to call and when not, busy and burdened courts. The longer end of the range of judgments to the European court of justice speaks volumes.