In recent years, unwanted intrusions have increased considerably, causing trauma in individuals who have been victims. Installing an alarm or camera then became a priority for many homes. Apart from individuals, in recent years, many companies or establishments have been the victims of those who are nicknamed “hackers”. In other words, Internet hackers are becoming a real threat in the age of constant advancement in technology.

Hacking involves breaking into a resource such as a computer, server, network, online service or mobile phone without permission. In practice, hacking can take two main forms: account hacking or equipment hacking. In both cases, the hacker’s objective is to take control of the resource (equipment or account) and to steal information (personal or confidential) with the aim of making malicious use of it: identity theft, bank fraud, claim, blackmail, etc.

The term that comes up more and more during a potential computer attack is phishing. It is an attempt to steal your money or your identity, by tricking you into divulging your personal information, such as credit card numbers or passwords. All of this takes place on websites that claim to be legitimate. This process complements computer hacking.

In recent times, healthcare establishments have been the preferred target of cyberattacks carried out on the territory. However, hackers are not just confined to hospitals. In 2021, one in two companies was the victim of a hack, but only half filed a complaint. In seven out of ten cases, it was an e-mail hacking technique, and in one out of five cases, a ransom was demanded, as BFMTV claims.

This phenomenon, not to be taken lightly, prompted the government to react. This is why, on November 16, 2022, the Minister Delegate for the Digital Transition Jean-Noël Barrot unveiled a “cyber shield” for companies that do not have the necessary means to protect themselves from these attacks. The amount of this measure is 30 million euros. Unfortunately, this investment may come late. According to Gérôme Billois, partner in a firm on cybersecurity and digital trust, “their security and the training of personnel will take several years” while adding that “the field of computer security is short of arms”.

From now on, find in our slideshow below the signs showing that you are potentially the victim of a hacking of your alarm or your surveillance camera.