He spent as a successful stock traders and friends to be part of huge sums of money have cheated: An impostor stood in front of the regional court Munich I is a fraud in the millions. The 55-Year-old admitted to friends and Acquaintances for a total of almost three million euros. “I admit all of the Alleged crimes to the full extent, and am of the points of all charges in full is guilty,” he said. “I wanted to, I could turn back time.”

The man has a criminal record for fraud is relevant, and sat several years in prison. Before he started with the new fraud, he claims to be unemployed and lived with his parents.

According to the indictment, he has circles in Munich, the artist as always Dirndl supporting Transgender woman issued, and with this identity a lot of money cheated. In court, the 55 admitted-Year-old, to have the money to Finance his lifestyle and to Pay old debts. He financed about expensive cars, travel, and luxury apartments.

The defendant promised, according to Prosecutor’s office returns of 30 to 500 percent. Friends and Acquaintances left him, then, amounts to between 5000 and 490.000 euros to the plant and saw the money again. In total, there were more than 2.8 million euros, 120,000 euros of which were paid back.