Conscious Conservative CEO tries to bridge the ‘educational and training gap’ between conservatism, Blacks

Two young Black conservatives stated Monday that not all Black Americans were progressives. Pew Research found that 25% Black Democrats consider themselves to be “conservative”, while 43% claim they are “moderate”.

Felecia Killings, Conscious Conservative Movement CEO, stated that “Fox & Friends” host AinsleyEarhardt said “I think right now conservatives and Republicans can bridge this gap to make those alliances.”

Killings stated that her father taught her to be conservative. Killings explained that Black Americans tend to be conservative in their beliefs and that Conscious Conservative aims to bridge the gap between American conservatism and Black Americans. It also aims to reach out to White conservatives in order to demonstrate that there are commonalities between both racial groups.

It’s all about understanding Black history. If we can communicate these messages in an empowering manner, rather than degrading, dehumanizing, we’ll see more Black Americans and Black millennials. We’ll also see more Black men voting for conservative politics. She said that conservatism has pledged to protect our growing Black wealth, which we are eagerly building every day.

After Virginia Lieutenant Gov- Winsome Sears was elected the first woman of color to represent Virginia in statewide elections, Killings made her comments.

Sears said that voters were sick of seeing Black and White people pitted against one another.

Sears stated that voters who voted for her in a Fox News Sunday interview said, “They’re tiredof the Black against White” and “Asian against Latino”. They’re tired. And they’re tired politicians who refuse to heal the wounds from the past.

Charrise Lane was raised in Christian homes. Her grandparents are also pastors. Her mother raised her Christian. Lane was not aware she was conservative until middle school. Her teacher at Victor Christian Academy, Orlando, Florida, advised Lane to study both political parties.

“I will tell you that historically, Black Americans have been conservative. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about political parties. It has to do something with values. That’s what I said to everyone. It’s possible to be conservative without being a Republican. It’s possible to be conservative while also being a Democrat, but you can’t be both.