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In the snails is the key, they have shown that an ancient naked figure sculpted into a hillside of chalk, the famous cerne Abbas giant (England) , a tourist attraction, it is very unlikely that it is prehistoric, according to archaeologists.

The cerne Abbas giant has always been a great mystery. Until recently, the only thing that seemed to match all, or almost all scenarios, is that the giant drawn on the ground (55 metres high and 51 wide) looks a lot like the hero of classical mythology Hercules (all without being able to affirm it, as there is no mention in documents, no time for it).

The research of the history of the figure of the hill is being carried out by the National Trust, which is celebrating having overseen the enclave during the last 100 years . The samples picked of the elbows, and the feet of the giant to teach that have the presence of shells of microscopic snails, which did not appear in England until the THIRTEENTH and FOURTEENTH, reports the “BBC”.

In this way, the preliminary results suggest that the actual date of the creation of the figure could be as soon as the medieval period, but is more likely to be at the beginning of the SEVENTEENTH century.

In fact, the hypothesis that supports the greater part of the scientific community is that the monumental figure did not appear until the SEVENTEENTH century, since there are no documents in the literature that talk about the giant . In addition, relate with Hercules, because this is usually represented with a large cane in his right hand and lion skin in his left arm. In this figure, it appears a great stick fighter, nothing more and nothing less, than 37 meters. Although what seemed to be lion’s skin has decayed, due to which the soil is composed of chalk.