Works: the solutions to carry them out


Do you want a magnificent terrace, a new kitchen or a bigger bedroom? Whatever your renovation or development projects in your home, the work loan is the ideal solution to carry them out. The point on this credit.

The work loan is a depreciable credit which makes it possible to finance part or all of the work to renovate, enlarge, equip or improve the house (it does not include structural work and construction sites). It can only be used in the context of a main or secondary dwelling (for example, to install a fitted kitchen, convert the attic, decorate a dressing room, enlarge rooms, etc.).

The works credit is also part of an eco-responsible approach and reduction of the energy bill. Indeed, it makes it possible to carry out work to optimize the energy efficiency of a house (for example, to install solar panels, install insulating materials, etc.).

For information, the works loan is an assigned personal credit or a dedicated source of financing (thus, the beneficiary must present an invoice, a document or an estimate mentioning the expenses incurred). It is awarded by a credit institution or a bank, depending on the profile, repayment capacity and needs of each borrower.

The work credit simulator is easy to use and fast, and allows you to determine the solution that best suits your needs. Once you have entered the desired repayment period and the total amount of the work, you will have a precise idea of ​​the rate of the work loan, the cost of interest, the amount of monthly payments…

If you wish to benefit from a larger remainder of life, all you have to do is extend the repayment period (thus, your budget will be adapted to the monthly payments).

After carrying out the simulation, contact a professional in the field and request a personalized study of your file.

The work loan can be used to lay out paths, create a swimming pool or a terrace, enlarge a lawn…

Do you want to improve your main or secondary accommodation (residential or rental)? Simply opt for the work loan.

Here are some works that you can carry out: ventilation, heating, access for people with reduced mobility, acoustic and thermal insulation…

This loan is also suitable for renovation work: installation of partitions, exterior or interior insulation, framework and roofing…

Subsidized loans for work have been set up by the State:

The work credit is the ideal solution for financing development and renovation work in your home. Thanks to the simulator, you will determine the terms of your loan (in just a few clicks).