Do you find yourself cluttered with belongings and items that you have hoarded at home and never use? Your end of the month is sometimes difficult and you would like to save money? Like many French people, you probably regularly make superfluous purchases. Above all, we should not blame ourselves: we live in a world and in a society that tirelessly pushes us towards consumption.

Indeed, advertising is everywhere and becomes more and more efficient over time. Today, it even adapts individually to its targets in an astonishing way: who has not already done research for an upcoming purchase only to find themselves a few days later inundated with advertisements promoting the same product? The Internet and social networks have a big role to play in this phenomenon.

In addition to advertising, the way we are socialized also drives us to consumption. The fluctuations of fashion effects are increasingly ephemeral, which encourages spontaneous purchases of objects or clothing that will not be used for a long time. Such behavior can become extremely crippling: you’ll run out of money to spend in really important situations. Besides the fact that you could push yourself out of business, overconsumption is also a very big danger to the environment.

This, coupled with the exacerbated population growth that we are experiencing and the pollution that this generates, means that our Earth and its resources will not last very long. Herveline Giraudeau and Marie Duboin, minimalist influencers, have therefore developed a technique supposed to allow you to reduce your unnecessary purchases, as Marie France reports. Find below the 5 questions to ask yourself before buying an item that make up the acronym “BISOU”, the name given to this famous technique.