White COP kills Black – Atlanta moves to shots of the consequence of nThe Anti-racism demonstrations in the United States show effect: After the death of a Black the police will dismiss officials, the shot has. Zita Affentranger from Washington2 Kommentare2Wut about the death of Rayshard Brooks: protesters in front of the Fast-Food Restaurant, where the 27-Year-old was shot. Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Reuters

The protests against police violence and racism in the United States will be fueled by another incident of. In Atlanta shot and killed on the weekend by a white police officer in the Black Rayshard Brooks, who was asleep in the Parking lot of a Fast-Food restaurant in his car.

When you attempt the obviously drunken man’s arrest, it came to a scuffle, in the course of the police officer, Brooks shot. The 27-Year-old died a short time later in hospital. In the city it came after protests, the police used tear gas and stun grenades against demonstrators.

mayor speaks plain text

in contrast to the earlier deaths of this kind, which often remain without consequences for the involved police officers, moved the city government of Atlanta, but this Time, quickly consequences. The officer who had fired the fatal shot, Garrett Rolfe, was dismissed from the police service. A colleague who was in the present was treated as a criminal offence.

in Addition, the police chief of Atlanta, Erika Shields, resigned at the weekend – apparently under pressure from the mayor of the city, Keisha Lance Bottoms. This said that the use of force in the incident as unjustified, although Brooks steals one of the police officers a Taser and Rolfe had threatened. “I firmly believe that there is a clear difference between what you can do, and what you should do,” said Bottoms. “I don’t think this was a justified use of lethal force.”

responsibility: The police chief of Atlanta, Erika Shields, resigned after the incident.Photo: AP

This quick response shows how big public pressure on politicians in the USA now. As on 25. May the white police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis, the Black George Floyd was killed, it took days, until the officers fired and indicted had been. This delay was one reason for this is that in the city – and later in the United States, violent riots broke out.

with Atlanta, a booming southern metropolis, in the majority of Black people live, was at the time of the wave of protests rolled over. A second major outbreak of violence wanted to prevent the mayor Bottoms after the death of Brooks necessarily. The 50-year-old Democrat, African-American is. According to reports, the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is considering to make to the Vice-candidate.

Too many weapons in circulation

The incidents also put the self-image of many American police officers often are hardly as friends and helpers of the citizens they protect, and they are supposed to serve. You see, rather than “the law” – as “the law”. And some see themselves as soldiers waging a “war” against crime or drugs, the fight but de facto the country’s own population.

hundreds of Americans, black and white, to pay the each year with their lives – more than in any other Western country. However, die each year in the U.S., 40 to 50 police bullets. The experts see as an indication that in addition to the social problems, the comprehensive arming of American’s to blame, when a meeting of police officers and citizens have been fatal.

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