Debut from France – So Asperger’s sees as a Comic ausTemporeich, tragic, and extremely humorous: “the hustle and bustle with Ted” by Emilie Gleason is a strong piñata. Now there is the success coming from France and also German. Hans Jürg Zinsli3 Kommentare3Verzerrte perception: The Asperger’s-suffering cartoon character Ted.Illustration: Edition Modern

His world is squeak colorful, the Panels are crammed full with Details, and if this Ted loss day-to-day printet with his long legs and flailing arms, then you’re chasing yourself flying eye over the pages. Almost like in old cartoons, just page turning.

But soon The Tempo is shown: in the comic debut of Emilie Gleason, a distraction is basically maneuvers. Because this main character is not random, as a clumsy, not to say distorted beings with two eyes and rarely other facial features. Ted suffers from Asperger’s and is in his opportunities limited.

< p > personal experience

In the “hustle and bustle with Ted” processed Gleason – born in 1992 in Mexico, today in Paris – a personal experience. Her brother was diagnosed late by the Doctors as an Asperger’s Patient. You yourself constructed in your Comic, but not a classic case of a problem, but the different feeling.; the temperatures of Ted and his environment by means of a situation Comedy – and that’s saying something.

The misshapen Schlaks his usual seat claimed, for example, every day place in the Metro (which he’s certain to cause Trouble), working as a librarian, he is able to cope with almost (with his Knowledge overwhelmed that of the visitors), his lunch consists of a triple-Tschiis-Bacon-Burger (always). The shirts are sorted by days (always).

But then the public TRANSPORT connection due to construction from fall one day, and the autistic Ted remains standing like a broken toy. Countless heads growing out of his chest, his Silhouette turns into red, and that would probably go to collapse so forth, if would not accept an older choir singer of his. But then Mariam begins, with the help of Ted, a curious affair, hit by a car. Ted can remember the number of the driver volatile, he is even able to report to the police. However, one suspects there already, it will soon go down with this handicap-numbered heroes.

With Maximum speed to the abyss

it becomes Critical, as the Ted of his or her library to perform holiday “” is that he spends with his in the area of Nantes, resident family. Where is he else? However, the parents and the sister have no Plan of what to do with a how to deal with. You know his disposition, and goes with him to the doctor, where he gets tons of pills prescribed. But Ted responds with panic attacks or disguised with toilet-paper as an Egyptian mummy and gets on everybody’s nerves. The more his condition deteriorates, the verwinke older forms he takes in the Comic.

The Comforting thing is: Emilie Gleason manages to translate this dramatic descent, with a few slapstick scenes in a way that the feelings of both sides are understandable. The helplessness, the lack of understanding of Ted and his environment – it is actually Poignant to this story is heading at top speed to your predetermined abyss. And no, a bold catharsis you can think of.

Emilie Gleason: “the hustle and bustle with Ted.” Edition Moderne, Zürich 2020. 128 p., 30 Fr.

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