With the disappearance of the Belgian, But Hayez in Australia by the end of may, there are a number of “individuals” to be looked at, to judge his parents. It is hoped that the transfer of the case to the coroner of the state of New South Wales will lead to further investigations.

“Our desire to have a full understanding of the work of Theo’s weak not to,” said Laurent Hayez and Vinciane Delforge. The transfer of the investigation by the Australian police, the coroner“, which represents the hope for further investigations to acquire”. “Many of the questions that we asked in July for our first stay in Byron Bay will remain unanswered,” according to the parents of the 18-year-old Belgian. The father Hayez says the australians to have a voice at the beginning of september. “All the individuals are still in existence, after this interview,” he says.

The parents for the next few days, the people who are in charge of the dossier by the Belgian police and justice system. In the next few weeks it will be the father to return to Australia, where he was the coroner will have to meet.

He Hayez, from the Overijse, since by the end of 2018, on a holiday in Australia. He was last seen on the 31st of may, in the surfer’s paradise of Byron Bay. He was at the beginning of June to return to canada. The signal from his phone, it was the day after, picked up to the lighthouse at Byron Bay.

More about it But Hayez’s Emotional vigil for a missing Belgian-He Hayez, “We still have a long way to go, so please continue to talk about it” He Hayez’s not forget that Australian volunteers are organising this event for the disappeared, a Belgian 26-year-old Belgian is already more than a week go missing in the Canadian woods: “We have been in the days news”, the Family spread to new images But Hayez, “He is not only a poster but also as a son, a brother, a friend