These days, many people are turning to car insurance comparison to get a better idea of ​​how much to budget for their car insurance. On the other hand, what you do not know is that depending on the city where you live, the insurance premium will not have the same amount. Concretely, the objective of car insurance is to cover you in the event of an accident or damage to your vehicle, among other things. And in some municipalities, accidents or thefts are much more frequent, which is why from one city to another, the amounts may be different.

For example, for those under 25 in Angers, the insurance premium is €915 per year, while in Nîmes the premium is €1,128. In Strasbourg, the annual premium is €1,018, in Bordeaux it is €1,040 and in Rennes it is €822. As you can see, the amounts are really very variable from one city to another, so do not hesitate to use the insurance comparator if you want to get an estimate of your future car insurance premium. .

The level of coverage can change the amount of car insurance for people under 25. Full coverage is bound to be more expensive than simple coverage. That said, given your limited driving experience, it is still better to choose complete protection in order to be protected as much as possible and to protect others as well. So, to give you an idea, for third-party coverage, you will need to count around €844 per year. For intermediate cover, it will take around €963 per year and for all-risk cover, the amount of the premium can rise to €1,323 per year.

Take the time to inquire with several auto insurance companies to find the most advantageous price for the best possible coverage. Indeed, those under 25 must be covered by a certain number of guarantees in order to be well protected. The problem is that these guarantees have a cost.

As seen above, depending on the city, the insurance premiums are different and it is the same according to the regions. Indeed, in some regions, people under 25 will have to pay more for their car insurance. Do you live in Corsica? In this case, expect to have to pay your car insurance around €1,256 per year. Just behind, in terms of prices, we find Occitanie with annual prices amounting to €1,019. On the other hand, on the side of Brittany, it is necessary to count approximately 825 € per year. From one region to another, the price difference can be quite significant, which is why it may be wiser to compare the prices of all insurers in your region using an online comparator. In this way, in a few clicks and without having to move from home, you will have access to dozens of different offers and you will be able to choose the best guarantees, at the best price.

There is one last criterion that can change the price of car insurance for people under 25: the type of fuel. For a petrol car, the price of insurance in 2023 will be around €901. For a diesel car, the amount will be €985. Finally, the insurance premium for electric cars under the age of 25 will cost approximately €1,144. The type of fuel is therefore a criterion that can really increase or decrease the price of car insurance. Of course, do not choose a car thinking about how much the insurance will cost you later.

Car insurance is mandatory to drive in France. This represents a certain monthly cost which can vary according to several criteria described above. Therefore, do not hesitate to compare the prices of each insurer. By using an online comparator, you will have a better chance of finding car insurance at the best value for money. In any case, keep in mind that the price of car insurance for people under 25 is very variable. So take the time to find the most interesting insurance for you.