If you dreamed of playing several EuroMillions, it is now possible. Indeed, Brice Cassoux, former traceability manager of the Banque de France, founded a platform allowing group play in this lottery. The club website

“The idea came to me because I often play with my friends. But due to the lack of a legal framework, this practice is very risky because only the ticket holder legally owns the winnings…”, explains Brice Cassoux to the newspaper. With this platform, it is therefore now possible to buy tickets in groups of 150 people. But, is the platform paying? What are the conditions for playing it?

On the platform, two subscription formulas are offered so that you can play with others. You can subscribe to a monthly subscription for an amount of 29.90 euros. With this formula, each group of 150 people can buy 100 cards per week and MyMillion codes. A second higher subscription is also offered. The latter is at 49.90 euros per month and allows the same group to buy more than 800 grids.

According to Brice Cassoux, the advantage of these subscriptions is the possibility of buying more tickets at a reduced price. “For a budget of less than 30 euros per month, you play up to 500 EuroMillions grids with our concept against twelve grids by going alone to your tobacconist. The grid costs 6 cents instead of 2.50 euros” specifies he.

Groups of 150 people are generated through the platform and allow them to pool their stakes and share their winnings afterwards. For each ticket purchased, a receipt is issued to you. This new platform ensures fairness for all participating players and would be transparent about the results of the EuroMillions draws.

In addition, the site should soon open in other neighboring countries such as Spain or Portugal.