Antwerp –

if you are in a heavy fight between members of the Antwerp police department and their federal counterparts in Brussels last night-to various injuries in some cases. During the fight, it was a Café Modeste in the South, some short, and a little beaten up.

The fight took place during an informal party took place every Thursday evening of the month at the café Modeste in the South. The members of the police force of Antwerp were at the party, in the philippines, with members of the DSU in Brussels, the so-called Special Intervention Squad (SEE).

During the fight, according to witnesses, heavy-duty punches handed out, and there was furniture being thrown. For the avoidance of doubt, the police were at the time of the service.

The fight escalated further, when the uniformed response teams on-the-spot arrived at the café Modeste. They, too, shared in the attack. Source: “Several people were injured in the fight,” said the police officer. “There are some people with damage to the teeth, and perforated eardrums.”

the Antwerp police department confirms to people that on the night of Thursday to Friday, a fight took place in a café in the South of norway. “There are, according to our information, lichtgewonden in some cases. Whether police officers were involved in it, I can’t confirm that. That is, it will continue to be investigated,” said spokesman William Migom.


According to informed sources, had wanted the Antwerp police, which is a spanking did not receive any complaint from their Brussels-based counterparts. “A typical case of the police, wont,” said the police officer. “Even though they are at odds with each other, but the police are often inclined to help each other and cover claims.”