Bergamo’s citizens ignore the rules – “Are not hundreds of Dead enough?”The longing for the old freedoms has resulted in Corona-Hotspot Bergamo to chaotic street scenes. Now, the mayor intervened. 21 Kommentare21Gedränge in the historic high town of Bergamo: This image caused a social media outrage. Photo: Facebook Giosue Frosio

a Lot of sun and the pleasure, after the two-month Lockdown to be expected, this combination has led in Bergamo yesterday and Sunday to crowds in the historic center. On a afternoon via Facebook popular image, many walkers are seen in the narrow streets of the old town, part under the chin, hanging, or otherwise incorrectly mounted protective masks. The prescribed distance of at least one Meter do not hold. In the social media, the photo triggered a wave of indignation.

As in other places, people long, apparently, also in Bergamo according to your ancient freedoms. In the small city, with its 120’000 inhabitants of the Corona-shock is, but on a deeper level, because it is affected by the Virus more than most others in Europe. According to the “Corriere della Sera” in March and April 2020 3200 deaths on the city. For comparison: In the entire year of 2019 there were 1200.

The scenes from the historical old town, called on Sunday evening the mayor on the Plan. He had been in the Morning in the hills on the road and haven’t seen anyone without a mask. An encouraging sign, found Giorgio Gori. “The pictures from the afternoon have me worried but and enraged. Not rich, hundreds of Dead in our city? We want to find ourselves back in a month in hell’s kitchen again?” He appealed to the citizens, the protection measures comply with strictly.

New locker

In Italy the week starts on Monday, a further Phase of the relaxations: trattorias, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, barbers, beauty salons and shops are allowed to open it again. The number of new infections and deaths has fallen in the last few days. The civil protection office reported on Sunday 675 new cases – the lowest number since the 4. March. A total of 31’908 Dead and 225’435 Infected are known.

Also in tourism, the government in Rome has changed after two months of a strict Lockdown on loosening: 3. June, the entry from abroad should be allowed back. The fear in Italy is that tourists tend to prefer less affected Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Portugal or Croatia.


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